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We provide them with a personalized Digital Marketing service, through the professional management of Social Networks, Ads Promotions, Google Ads, Web Pages, Ecommerce and Alternative Digital Media to generate solutions and results for our clients.

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The development of personalized Digital Marketing Plans are made up of:
  • Description of the requirements by the client.
Project design
Determination of the project structure:
  • Business objectives. ​​

    • Brand recognition.
    • Interactions.
    • Increase in followers.
    • Video reproductions.
    • Generation of qualified leads.
    • WhatsApp or Messenger messages.

    • Calls

    • Traffic to business.

    • Web traffic.

    • Download the App.


  • Digital Ecosystem:
    • Social media

    • Google.

    • Web page.

    • Ecommerce.

    • Alternative Digital Media.

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  • Content to develop:
    • Graphic production.

    • Audiovisual production.

    • Publications.
  • Promotions and ad campaigns. 

  • Projection of the results of promotions and ad campaigns.

  • Content to communicate.

  • Segmentation.

  • Investment budget and execution time.
  • General contracting conditions.
  • Start of project execution.
Project execution:
  • Development of Web Market Study.

  • Development of communication strategy.

  • Development of graphic-audiovisual production.

  • Development of copies and control of publications.

  • Digital media management.

  • Growth monitoring and notifications.

  • Results presentation.

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